Panasonic 14" Toughbook 40 Mk1 - Spec - i5
Panasonic 14" Toughbook 40 Mk1 - Spec - i5
Panasonic 14" Toughbook 40 Mk1 - Spec - i5
Panasonic 14" Toughbook 40 Mk1 - Spec - i5
Panasonic 14" Toughbook 40 Mk1 - Spec - i5
Panasonic 14" Toughbook 40 Mk1 - Spec - i5
Panasonic 14" Toughbook 40 Mk1 - Spec - i5
Panasonic 14" Toughbook 40 Mk1 - Spec - i5
Panasonic 14" Toughbook 40 Mk1 - Spec - i5


Panasonic 14" Toughbook 40 Mk1 - Spec - i5| 1145G7 | 16GB | 3200Mhz | 512GB SSD | 4G LTE | Dual Pass Through | Rubber KBD

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Panasonic 14" Toughbook 40 Mk1 - Spec - i5| 1145G7 | 16GB | 3200Mhz | 512GB SSD | 4G LTE | Dual Pass Through | Rubber KBD

The 14.0” Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 40 rugged laptop breaks new ground offering unrivaled flexibility in even the most demanding and unpredictable environments. With 8 user interchangeable modular areas including its unique modular expansion packs, the TOUGHBOOK 40 is our most flexible and customisable laptop ever. Blu-Ray or DVD optical drives, authentication readers, and IO ports are all user-upgradeable, and its state-of-the-art design optimises thermals for maximum performance all day, every day.


Toughbook 40 Masters Voice

TOUGHBOOK devices just keep getting better. Launched as Panasonic’s new flagship in 2022, the TOUGHBOOK 40 famously takes rugged computing to the next level. Weighing in at 7.4 lbs., it’s more than one pound lighter than the previous generation TOUGHBOOK 31 and considerably more rugged. It breaks new ground in flexibility and is unrivaled in its ability to operate in the most unpredictable and demanding environments anywhere.


The fully-rugged Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 40 offers a host of unique features, all of which contribute to its flagship status. It is the most rugged TOUGHBOOK laptop Panasonic has ever developed and it offers what is described as a perfect balance of innovation, performance, modularity, and durability.

These start with its eight, class-leading modular areas that include innovative, modular, expansion packs known as xPAKs. Its 10 ports, all its optical drives, authentication readers, and the Barcode Reader xPAK are user-upgradeable. Battery, storage, memory, and keyboard options also add to customers’ ability to customize and protect their investment as needs shift.

The TOUGHBOOK 40 has 11th-generation Intel vPRO processors. There are also optional AMD-dedicated or Intel Iris Xe Graphics that boost the ability of computing power to process images and videos in real-time. Also, recognizing the increased global use of video conferencing, the TOUGHBOOK 40 boasts the first 5MP webcam in its class. This features the best privacy and security capabilities that support Windows Hello facial recognition.

A range of multiple cellular and connectivity options support the ability of workers to go wherever the job takes them. This may be anywhere from remote rural communities to dense urban environments. There are two modem choices, 4G and 5G, but whichever modem is chosen, it will connect seamlessly to the best network available with the user needing to intervene.

Because the TOUGHBOOK 40 is aimed at supporting mission-critical jobs of people working in the most extreme environments, the design is laser-focused. It also boasts the most advanced docking support to meet the needs of its broad base of users.

Additionally, it offers faster USB and Ethernet ports that maximize performance as well as 4x4 MIMO. And it is the first to offer software-selectable pass-throughs for each antenna that give users the flexibility to choose optimal combinations based on their needs.

The sound quality is hugely improved too, as are many other elements that include screen brightness and a backlit keyboard, power button, and keyword icons for low-light and night environments.

Security elements are also upgraded and encrypted OPAL SSDs come standard. Secure Wipe, a new feature, wipes contents on the SSD in seconds.


The TOUGHBOOK 40 reintroduces and redefines the traditional, super-rugged clamshell-type laptop that many users have been asking for. It has a newly designed footprint that comes with a vehicle dock that offers significantly better passthrough options resulting in much stronger wireless signals. These and other features offer considerable benefits in addition to those already established by Panasonic’s winning designs.

  • Innovative modular design Exciting new modular design and innovative user-removable expansion packs offer unbeatable customization.
  • State-of-the-art design Compliance with the fully rugged all-weather MIL-STD-810H & IP66 design that are built with the toughest magnesium alloy. The new design also optimizes thermals for maximum performance.
  • Unbeatable speed The TOUGHBOOK 40 is the fastest cellular device in the industry. It offers an up to 2Gbps 4G or 5.5Gbps 5G modem that adds Sub6, C-band, and mmWave with speeds up to 5.5Gbps.
  • Leading technology The latest technology is what makes this new rugged laptop shine. It will also ensure that the TOUGHBOOK 40 will withstand the test of time.


Engineered uniquely for customers across the public sector, enterprise, and federal agencies, it provides a world-class solution that combines the full spectrum of hardware, software, accessories, and professional services. 

This makes the TOUGHBOOK 40 the ideal solution, not only for federal agencies, but also for law enforcement, utility companies, and the full spectrum of mobile workers, allowing them the opportunity to improve efficiency and reduce their operational costs.

  • Law enforcement Constantly faced with the dangers and mission-critical challenges that come with dealing with life-threatening situations, law enforcement officers need reliable connectivity 24/7. The new Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 40 offers absolute peace of mind.
  • Federal agencies Established to manage national resources or security issues, from health to the military, federal agencies play a pivotal role. More often than not, they rely on being able to decipher precise, intricate plans in all kinds of places. Those working for these agencies need ultimate reliability when dealing with unpredictable conditions and circumstances.
  • Utility companies Whether providing gas, power, or light, many of those working for utility companies are faced with emergency situations that require communicating critical information. Features like advanced docking support and enhanced sound quality and improved screen brightness all add value.
  • Mobile workers Always on the move, mobile workers, including those who provide field services, can depend on the fully-rugged features offered by the TOUGHBOOK 40. The increased usability and readability of this model make it particularly attractive for those working outside of traditional office environments.