No matter where you work, keep sensitive information on your screen private

Secure Your Screens and Protect your Privacy

Achieve world-class privacy for your employees with virtually no loss in display brightness. Protect screens from everyday hazards without impeding device performance. 3M provides a portfolio offering of advanced optical technologies that deliver visual privacy and screen protection trusted the world over. They’re your first line of defense against visual hackers, physical damage, screen glare and more – at home, in the office and everywhere else work is done.

Available for monitors, desktop computers and laptops, our privacy filters fit over 40,000 devices. Evaluate a product for your organization and show your commitment to visual privacy and data security.

3M™ Privacy Filters

Shield your screens from prying eyes while experiencing best-in-class brightness and exceptional clarity. 3M™ Bright Screen Privacy Filters utilize nanolouver technology to help you deter visual hackers while enabling up to 85% light transmission for the intended user. This makes them approximately 25% brighter than competing privacy screens. They are important for data security plans and helping you meet your organization’s privacy and compliance regulations.