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Audio Viusal Installation - How to Create a Modern Meeting Room Masters Voice Audio Visual

Audio Viusal Installation - How to Create a Modern Meeting Room

The corporate world might be moving away from cold, segmented cubicles to open floor plans, but meeting rooms remain the best place for collaboration between business leaders. However, your meeting room setup must have the proper AV design and layout to encourage effective communication and collaboration.


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Audio Visual Installation - How to Create a Modern Meeting Room

Having a well-designed meeting room setup can play a crucial role in facilitating effective collaboration and communication among business leaders.

Here are some key considerations for AV design and layout to make your meeting room setup conducive to collaboration:

  1. Room size and layout: The size and layout of your meeting room are critical factors to consider when designing your AV setup. The size of the room will determine the number of audio and visual devices needed to ensure every participant can see and hear the presentation. The layout should also be conducive to open discussion, allowing participants to interact with one another easily.

  2. Audio equipment: Good audio equipment is critical for effective communication during meetings. The audio equipment should be strategically placed to ensure that everyone in the room can hear the speaker clearly. A good microphone system is essential for capturing the audio of everyone in the room, including those sitting at the back.

  3. Video equipment: High-quality video equipment is also essential for effective communication and collaboration. A large screen or projector can be used to display presentations and allow participants to view them simultaneously. A good camera system is also essential for remote participants to be able to see and hear what is going on in the meeting room.

  4. Lighting: Proper lighting can create a comfortable and productive environment for the meeting. Natural light is best, but if the meeting room lacks natural light, it is important to ensure that the artificial lighting is evenly distributed and does not cause glare on the screens.

  5. Connectivity: It is important to ensure that all participants have access to the same information and tools during the meeting. Therefore, it is important to have high-speed internet connectivity, wireless access, and the ability to connect to the network from various devices.

AV Design for the Modern Meeting Room Setup

AV equipment is an essential component of any meeting room setup. Employees and clients will utilize these tools to collaborate in the office and from remote locations. Effective AV design requires a complex mix of video conferencing equipment, reliable connectivity, and readily available IT support. 

Video Conference Meeting Room

 There are several types of meeting room setups, and the best type for your organization will depend on the specific goals and needs of your meetings. Here are some of the most common and effective types of meeting room setups:

  1. Boardroom setup: This is a classic meeting room setup where a large table is surrounded by chairs, with a screen or whiteboard at one end of the table. It is ideal for small groups and formal meetings, where everyone needs to be seated and facing one another. This setup is perfect for presentations and discussions where everyone needs to be engaged and focused on the topic.

  2. U-shape setup: In this setup, tables or desks are arranged in a U shape with chairs facing the open end of the U. This setup is perfect for collaborative meetings, as it allows everyone to face each other and interact easily. The U-shape setup is also ideal for training sessions, workshops, and brainstorming sessions.

  3. Classroom setup: This setup is ideal for presentations, training sessions, and workshops. In this setup, chairs are arranged in rows facing the front of the room, where a screen or whiteboard is placed. It is great for large groups, as it maximizes the use of space and ensures everyone can see and hear the presenter.

  4. Theater setup: This is similar to the classroom setup, but the chairs are arranged in rows facing the front of the room, with no tables or desks. This setup is ideal for presentations and lectures where note-taking is not required. It is also great for larger groups, as it maximizes the use of space.

  5. Lounge setup: This is a more relaxed meeting room setup where comfortable chairs and sofas are arranged in a circular or square shape. This setup is great for informal meetings, brainstorming sessions, and group discussions where participants need to feel relaxed and comfortable.


Choose the Right Conference Room Equipment

AV design is a critical component of any modern meeting room setup. To create an environment that encourages collaboration, communication, and productivity, here are some AV design considerations for a modern meeting room setup:

  1. Video Conferencing: With remote work on the rise, video conferencing is essential for modern meeting room setups. It allows remote participants to join the meeting, participate in discussions, and view presentations. High-quality video cameras, microphones, and speakers should be placed strategically in the room to ensure clear communication for both in-person and remote participants.

  2. Wireless Connectivity: With the increasing use of mobile devices in meetings, it's essential to have wireless connectivity in your meeting room. This allows participants to share information from their devices on the main screen, collaborate with each other, and easily access online resources.

  3. Large Display Screens: Large display screens are an essential component of modern meeting rooms. They allow everyone in the room to view presentations, documents, and videos simultaneously, promoting collaboration and engagement. They should be placed in a location where they are easily visible to all participants.

  4. Interactive Whiteboards: Interactive whiteboards are becoming increasingly popular in modern meeting rooms. They allow participants to collaborate, draw, and share ideas in real-time. They are also ideal for brainstorming sessions and visual presentations.

  5. High-quality Audio Equipment: Audio equipment is essential for clear communication during meetings. High-quality speakers and microphones should be placed strategically in the room to ensure that all participants can hear and be heard clearly.

  6. Lighting: Proper lighting is essential for a productive meeting environment. Natural lighting is ideal, but if that's not available, ensure that the artificial lighting is bright enough and evenly distributed to avoid glare on the screen.

In summary, the AV design for a modern meeting room setup should focus on providing an environment that facilitates collaboration, communication, and productivity. By incorporating video conferencing, wireless connectivity, large display screens, interactive whiteboards, high-quality audio equipment, and proper lighting, you can create a meeting room that maximizes the effectiveness of your meetings.

The right meeting setup can streamline internal operations and facilitate effective communication, but creating a modern meeting room setup is a complex process that requires support from experienced AV professionals. If your organization is seeking assistance from AV specialists, Masters Voice Technology (MVT) offers various AV solutions to improve workplace productivity. Our team has the tools and expertise to help your business make the most of its shared office space.

To learn more about our AV solutions, contact us today  we’ll be happy to discuss your specific needs and recommend the right solution for your business and budget.