Suggestions of the  Audio Visual Components right for your Meeting Room Masters Voice Audio Visual

Suggestions of the Audio Visual Components right for your Meeting Room

Technology is a great enabler and if done right.selecting the correct audio visual components for your meeting rooms will not only enhance the user experience but will also  make each meeting an enjoyable experience.Audio Viusal Meeting Room Technology  



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When setting up your meeting room audio viusal technology, there are several essential components and features you should consider including. 

1. Displays 

7 Critical Audio Visual Components For Your Conference Room - Neurilink ...


Upon entering a conference room, the attention of individuals is immediately drawn to the display. Serving as the visual centerpiece of the conference room's audio-visual setup, it stands as a crucial collaboration tool. Through the display, colleagues in different locations can be seen, presentations can be viewed, and screens from laptops, tablets, and smartphones can be shared.

For smaller conference rooms, single displays are often the preferred choice. On the other hand, dual displays have gained popularity, particularly among companies that heavily rely on video calls. These dual displays, and sometimes even triple displays, offer the ability to seamlessly share screens and conduct video conferencing, ensuring that both aspects receive equal attention.

In the case of a video call with a single display, users typically have access to a picture-in-picture view. This feature allows them to choose between focusing on the shared content or the other participants in the video call (often referred to as the far side), displayed prominently. Since the content usually drives the conversation in meetings, it is often given priority in the larger view, while the participants appear in a small square at the bottom of the screen. However, this setup can diminish one of the primary advantages of video conferencing: the ability to clearly see the people involved.

Dual displays offer a solution to the limitations of picture-in-picture view. With dual displays, meeting attendees can simultaneously view the presented content and the other video participants, with each occupying its own full-screen. This eliminates the need to choose between focusing on content or people and allows for a clear and comprehensive view of both. Our observations indicate that this arrangement significantly enhances collaboration by enabling teams to pick up on subtle nuances, such as facial expressions, during presentations.

2. Video Conferencing System7 Critical Audio Visual Components For Your Conference Room - Neurilink

Incorporate a reliable video conferencing system that enables remote participants to join meetings. This may include a webcam, microphone, and speakers for clear audio and video communication.

 3. Audio SystemMicrophone conference room AV

A good audio system is crucial for clear communication. It should include ceiling or wall-mounted speakers and microphones strategically placed in the room to ensure that everyone can be heard

4. Wireless Presentation

Equip the meeting room with wireless presentation technology to allow participants to easily share their screens and present content wirelessly from their laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

To wirelessly connect to a big screen, products like Barco Clickshare are priceless. Or if you need to quickly connect to a camera and audio for video calling, plug and play technology like Logitech Ralley definitely fits the bill.

5. Connectivity

Ensure that the meeting room has sufficient connectivity options, including HDMI and VGA ports, USB ports, and wireless connectivity (e.g., Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) to accommodate various devices and enable seamless integration.

6. Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive Display conference room AV

Consider installing an interactive whiteboard or touchscreen display to enhance collaboration and facilitate real-time annotation, note-taking, and content sharing.

7. Room Booking 

Room Scheduling for conference room AV

Implement a room booking and scheduling system that allows users to reserve the meeting room, check its availability, and view upcoming meetings. This helps streamline the meeting room usage and avoids conflicts.

8. Central Control System

Integrate a central control system to manage and control the various meeting room technologies from a single interface. This simplifies operation and minimizes the need for multiple remote controls or manual adjustments.

9. Power and cable management:

Ensure that the meeting room is designed with adequate power outlets and cable management solutions to keep cables organized, reduce clutter, and avoid tripping hazards.

10. Security

Consider incorporating security features such as access control systems, encryption protocols for video conferencing, and secure network connectivity to protect sensitive information and ensure privacy.

11. Lighting and ambiance control

Install adjustable lighting fixtures and smart controls to create a comfortable and productive meeting environment. Lighting can be adjusted to suit different presentation styles or video conferencing requirements.

12. Integration with collaboration software

Integrate the meeting room technology with popular collaboration software platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet, to enable seamless integration and enhance productivity.


When people get into a meeting room, they need to have the same user experience as they do when they’re at their desk. Whether that’s accessing files or wifi, screen-sharing like you’re showing a person next to you or using your usual UC portal. We’re seeing an increase in technology that moves people towards a more seamless AV experience from desk to meeting room.

Building fimiliarity and making the meeting room experience seamless and easy to use is a core focus for us in everything we do. We have many years of experience behind us and can help your business thrive using the latest tech solutions available.

Remember to tailor your meeting room technology setup to your specific needs, budget, and the size of your organization. Masters Voice Technology can achieve this for you and will design a comprehensive and efficient meeting room setup.