Blackmagic ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel 10


Blackmagic ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel 10

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Blackmagic ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel 10

Extreme Power

Even ATEM Minican use professionalbroadcast style workflows!

For the ultimate in professional control you can add an optional ATEM hardware panel! Although ATEM Mini costs less than the hardware panel itself, it’s a great next step as you grow because the hardware panel is the interface you spend most of your time touching and interacting with! The ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel opens up the power of your ATEM Mini because it has many more controls and functions than the ATEM Mini front panel. There's simply no faster way to work because you have physical broadcast quality buttons, knobs and a t‑bar fader so you can manage very complex live jobs. You can also move the panels to any other ATEM switcher for even more elaborate work in the future!

ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel

Super compact professionalhardware control panel with built in LCD

ATEM Mini might be low cost but it’s not a low end switcher! The ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel is a true broadcast quality hardware panel that is a faster and more professional way to use your ATEM Mini. Featuring the latest technology, you get a built in LCD for menus, high quality buttons with customizable illumination color, a professional joystick for the DVE plus a smooth, weighted T‑bar fader for manually controlling transitions. The buttons also have LCD screens allowing custom labels to display under each input button! The compact size and durable design of the ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel fits in a standard equipment rack, making it perfect for portable broadcast vans and fly away kits.

Atem 1 M/E Advanced Panel

Select Sources

Switch camerasto air instantly!

ATEM Mini has been designed to give you the most advanced live switching workflow. Internally, ATEM Mini has separate program and preview buses that you can use to quickly and accurately switch sources. ATEM Mini lets you see your preview bus selection by selecting preview on the video output, or using one of the views on the ATEM Mini Pro or Extreme model’s multiview output. Then all you need to do is make selections on the preview bus of the advanced panel, which will appear on your preview screen, allowing you to see your source before it goes on air. Then you can bring the source online by pressing cut or auto! You can also switch sources on the program bus if you need them to go live immediately!

Select Sources

Transition Control

Select andcustomize transitions

Get total control over your transitions with a dedicated hardware button for each transition type! When selecting transition types, the LCD screen will display the options for that transition, so you can change its parameters without navigating through complex menus. It's all instantly available! That gives you multiple ways to switch. Simply select a new source on the preview bus, then press CUT for a cut transition, or AUTO to use the selected transitions such as mix, dip, wipe or DVE! You can even cut directly on the program bus. With ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel you get all the controls you need to access all transition types fast.

Transition Control

Transition Styles

Mix, dip, wipe,DVE and more!

ATEM gives you a huge range of transition styles! Mix transition will smoothly blend between sources just like an NLE cross dissolve. Standard SMPTE wipes are included and wipes can have edge softening for smooth dreamy transitions that are more exciting than simple cross dissolves. Dip transitions create a dip to color effect, however because you can dip to any video source, you could create really innovative effects! DVE transitions use the DVE to create crazy moves where the whole foreground image moves! Plus you can combine the DVE and a still image from the media pool to create graphic wipes! The t‑bar fader even lets you manually position the transition for total control!

Transition Styles

With the push of a button you can choose mix, dip or wipes and evenexciting programmable DVE or animated stinger transitions!

Wipe Transitions

Transform wipesinto exciting effects!

Power up your wipe transitions by accessing parameters to transform them into exciting effects. While you can select the wipe pattern directly on the LCD, you can also add lots of customization to suit your production style. You can adjust parameters such as symmetry and softness, but there are also adjustments for colored borders with variable width and softness, as well as the position of the centre of the wipe. You can even use the dedicated joystick to set precise wipe pattern positioning!

Wipe Transitions

Get complete control over wipe, symmetry, softness plus adjustments for colored border control with variable width and softness.

DVE Transitions

The built in joystick lets you position the DVE using up and down movements or you can scale the image size by rotating the joystick!

DVE Transitions

Amazing digital video effects

The ATEM hardware panel is perfect for positioning the DVE for custom picture in picture effects. The built in joystick allows the position to be precisely set and rotating the knob will change its size. You can also use the soft knobs and menus on the LCD to adjust the DVE position, size and other DVE features such as lighting and drop shadow effects. You can also set up the DVE to fly graphics into frame or select any of the pre programed push and squeeze transitions.

Keyer Control

Get perfectgreen screen keying

Hardware control is ideal when doing chroma keying because you can finely adjust the parameters for clean key edges so you get seamless multi layer compositing effects. Unlike software control where you need to look at the user interface, the ATEM hardware panel has control knobs that you can hold while adjusting key parameters and looking at the video output live to ensure the key is seamless. Only fine adjustment of key settings live while watching the video, ensures your key is perfect.

Keyer Control

Precision control knobs can create the perfect chroma key quickly and accurately for perfect multi layer effects.

Fader Bar

The ergonomically designed T bar control lets you settransitions manually allowing you to match theemotions of the performance.

Fader Bar

Manuallyblend transitions

Amazing live performances often require transitions that need to be controlled manually. The ergonomically designed t‑bar control lets you ride transitions perfectly as part of the live performance! Sometimes the emotion of a live event means you need to feel a transition to get it perfectly in sync with the camera operators and talent. Like a conductor, your ATEM Mini is part of the performance and drives the mood as the production unfolds.

Auto Transition

Perfect and predictable transitions!

Just below the ATEM broadcast panel fader bar is the auto transition button. Selecting auto will instantly perform the transition type you have set. This ensures you can accurately select your source and transition type before triggering the action, so you always know what is going to happen and there's much less chance of mistakes going to air. Auto transitions can be programed for durations from 1 to 250 frames and the benefit is each transition is consistent through your program.

Auto Transitions

Automatic transitions can be pre programed for any duration from 1 to 250 frames and are ideal for smooth constant mixing between cameras.

Preview Transition

Both 1 M/E and 2 M/E broadcast panels feature a dedicated preview transition button so you can preview the next transition before it goes to air.

Preview Transition

Simulate neweffects while on air

Unlike the smaller front panel on ATEM Mini, the hardware panel includes a very useful preview transition button that lets you simulate a transition or effect before you use it! The PREV TRANS button helps you avoid on air mistakes when preparing live transitions by displaying the result on your preview video output or on the multiview screen on the ATEM Mini Pro and Extreme models. Preview transition is the only way to accurately set up complicated transitions and multi layered key effects.

Fade to Black

Finish yourprogram with style!

The built in fade to black button controls the entire output of the switcher! Selecting fade to black (FTB) will smoothly fade your program output to black at a preset transition rate. Because FTB is at the end of all processing, it ensures all video layers fade out together. You can even select to fade out audio when FTB is triggered. That's useful for the start and end of your production or for fading out to commercial breaks. FTB also includes button guards to stop accidental triggering!

Fade to Black


Get precise DVE control

Move elements around the screen just like a video game using the Joystick! With full 3 Axis control you can adjust X, Y and Z positions of wipe patterns and position the ATEM Mini DVE. The joystick control with the DVE is ideal to position live video over video. Scale the size, position up down or left and right for the perfect picture in picture effect. You can also use the joystick to move the DVE and enter start and end keyframe screen positions for your own customized animated DVE moves.


System Control

Change switcher settings from the menus!

System Control

You get full control of all switcher settings right from the panel, which is perfect when operating the hardware panel in a control room while the ATEM Mini stays close to the studio and HDMI cameras. You get a large LCD for setting menus with soft keys and control knobs to help you make setting changes quickly. The menus are easy to navigate and arranged in specific functions. You can adjust the switcher's video standard, video output settings, multiview layout and even remap panel buttons!

Change Video Inputs

Conveniently located in the select bus, you can quickly set the auxiliary output and then live switch sources at the push of a button.

Change video outputs with a single button press

The ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel has a dedicated "select bus" for control of the ATEM Mini video output. In many ways the ATEM Mini HDMI video output is the same as a professional switcher aux output, so you can select sources to the HDMI output live! Conveniently located in the top button row the select bus lets you directly press sources to output to the ATEM Mini video output using a single button press. There are even labels to show you what source is on each button. The select bus also lets you directly select inputs for other internal processing such as the keyers and DVE. Only the select bus lets you route signals internally and to the HDMI output on your ATEM Mini instantly!

Media Player

Media Players

Manage built ingraphics and titles

You can select stills from the media pool in the panel LCD menus and simply pressing the media button lets you access the media player and change which image in the media pool is sent to the media player as a video source. You can select any loaded still by scrolling through the list of media pool images, which are listed showing the original file name of each image. This means you can quickly change stills and titles right from the same panel you are working on, eliminating the need to change control panels just to change a title.

File Icons

Set stills from the panel, change between stills and clips plus play and loop the clips directly from your ATEM broadcast control panel.

Portable elegant Design

Fairlight Audio Mixer

Integrate with third party audio panels

All ATEM switchers are compatible with Mackie™ protocol USB control panels for live audio mixing! Simply connect a third party USB fader panel to your Mac or PC computer to get real time fader control of every audio channel. As you adjust levels on the panel the virtual software faders move in sync with you. You can even use the mouse to adjust levels on the ATEM Software Control page and the flying faders on the external panel will track your movement. Combining a fader panel with the built in mixer gives you the highest quality audio mixing experience.

USB Control

USB Control

Powerful Custom Macros

Trigger macrosat the touch of a button!

A hardware panel is perfect for macros because it’s much faster and you can view pre programed macros and record and play back macros at the push of a button. This means that you don’t need to use a computer to work with macros because you can trigger them from the same hardware panel you are switching from. If you edit or modify a macro the change will appear on all connected hardware and software control panels because the macros are stored inside the ATEM Mini itself. But the panel also includes dedicated macro buttons so you can set up different macros under each macro button and then trigger them instantly at the push of a button!

Custom Macros
Customizable Control Options