LapCabby 32-Device Mobile AC Charging Trolley for Laptops Chromebooks
LapCabby  charges 32 devices
LapCabby 32 Vertical
LapCabby 32 Vertical lexible with simultaneous charging and a programmable timer
LapCabby 32 Vertical 32-Device Mobile AC Charging Trolley
LapCabby 32 Vertical 32-Device Mobile AC Charging Trolley
LapCabby 32 Vertical  flexible with simultaneous charging
LapCabby 32 Vertical unique ventilation system
LapCabby 32 Vertical  maximum security & safety
LapCabby 32 Vertical 32-Device Mobile AC Charging
LapCabby 32 Vertical for Laptops & Chromebooks up to 17″ – Vertical


LapCabby 32-Device Mobile AC Charging Trolley for Laptops Chromebooks

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LapCabby 32-Device Mobile AC Charging Trolley for Laptops Chromebooks

Vertical up to 17"

The LapCabby 32-Device Mobile AC Charging Trolley for Laptops Chromebooks charges 32 devices up to 17" screen size laptops and Chromebooks including protective cases.

Sliding shelves store devices vertically with dividers and specially moulded rubber mats hold devices in place. Cable management clips protect lose cables from damage. The LapCabby offers fast, flexible and simultaneous charging with a programmable timer. Maximum security & safety with dual point locking system and separate lockable power compartment.

Easy to move with ergonomic top handles, rounded corner bumpers and multi-directional non-marking wheels. The built-in heat sensor shuts down the unit if over-heating occurs.

The LapCabby 32 Vertical has silent charging with a unique ventilation system and built-in heat sensor

With Support for Life with Lifetime Warranty (5 years electrical), shipped fully assembled.

Product summary



Type of device

Chromebook, Laptop

Device screen size

Up to 17"

Number of devices

Up to 32

Charge & Sync

Charge only

Type of charging


Type of unit

Mobile unit


Device Protection

Devices stored vertically in individual compartments separated with fixed dividing bars to prevent toppling and damage
Individual rubber mats with ventilation strips keep devices protected and secured in place during movement
Sliding shelves allow easy access to devices and prevents scratching devices when removing or replacing
Check the Compartment Dimensions in Technical Specifications below



Charges 32 devices up to 17″ screen size – laptops and Chromebooks
Device adaptors plug into 4 x 8-way power strips designed and manufactured in-house
Sockets accommodate larger adaptors and plugs without blocking adjacent outlets
IEC socket with 1.8m / 6ft power cord designed to snap out if pulled away from the wall to prevent damage
Fitted with a Power7 Management System that includes;
Soft start function measures the in-rush current and prevents overload during start-up by powering up each power strip in 1.5 second intervals, full power-up occurs within 6 seconds
Simultaneous charging of all 32 devices, monitoring the current to ensure no over or under charging
Fuse protection against power surges and overloads
Sophisticated timer that can be set to constant charging, cycle charging and can be programmed to a charging schedule (3 schedules, 7 days a week)
Easy to operate with instructional LED display screen and two push buttons to adjust charging requirements

Security and Protection

Separate secured power compartment for ultimate safety and security
Concealed lever unlocks rear power compartment to enable clear access to cables and AC adaptors when required
Built-in heat sensor will shut off power if a device overheats or if interior temperature reaches 32C/90F degrees to prevent risk of fire or damage to devices
Silent ventilation system includes side and rear vents plus a uniquely designed weldmesh base to keep devices cool with constant air circulation without the need for a noisy fan that can spread germs
Locking system mounted on top surface to avoid keys snapping inside lock during movement
Dual point locking system, with keys provided, to secure at the top and bottom of both device and power compartment to prevent theft, damage or tampering
Inset door handles prevent protruding parts eliminating breakages
Safety tested and certified by the independent Underwriters’ Laboratory (UL)

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