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HDi Interactive Screen in Early Learning Environment

Rngage Inspire Nuture

Provide Sudents with Fun and Effective Ways to Learn Through Play

EyeClick has helped thousands of schools and educational facilities diversify their learning and teaching methods through interactive games and activities. Our solutions instantly convert any classroom, gym, auditorium, or multi-purpose room into an immersive and engaging learning environment for students to get exercise and learn through play. When it comes to special education, children are given the opportunity to interact with their environment and each other without the added sensory input of real-world objects.

Award-winning interactive projectors instantly transform any space into an immersive play area

The beautiful bright display and resonant sound combine to delight the senses and keep players active and engaged for hours. Both BEAM and Obie take up no physical space, are easy to set up and operate, and require little to no cleaning or upkeep.